Dear Esperanza Preparatory Academy Families,

My name is Luisa Morales, and I am honored to introduce myself as the Principal of Esperanza Preparatory Academy. I have been in the field of education for twenty years, and an administrator for the last nine. I leave my former school, the International School of Liberal Arts (a 6th through 12th bilingual school in the Bronx) to join the team at EPA.

I have worked with diverse populations of students throughout my career. After interviewing for the principal ship at Esperanza Preparatory Academy, I went home to my husband and expressed the excitement and energy I felt about this school. I look forward to joining this team, and I am excited to learn about the East Harlem community.

Educating children is a difficult job, one that cannot be accomplished without the help of everyone involved in a child’s life: parents, family, friends, neighbors, and community. Since there is much subdivision within East Harlem, we will strike to make Esperanza Preparatory Academy a community hub, and a safe place for students and their families. I encourage you, as parents and family members, to be active participants in your child’s education and to help us build a sense of community within these walls.

I am confident that EPA staff will continue to meet the intellectual, physical, and social/emotional needs of our students. I am excited about the 2019-2020 school year, and I look forward to working with you to ensure the success of your children.
Most importantly, I want to establish an open line of communication. I welcome ideas and volunteers as we prepare for the upcoming school year, and as we continue to build and establish a revitalized EPA community in the years to come.

If you would like to contact me to volunteer, or to share your questions, ideas, or words of encouragement, please feel free to email me at

In closing, I want to thank the community at EPA, the staff of District 4, and the NYC Department of Education for this opportunity. I will work tirelessly to provide EPA students with an education they deserve.

In partnership with you,

Luisa Morales, Principal
Esperanza Preparatory Academy 
“College Success Starts Now”