School Uniform Information

EPA has a specific uniform that is required for all students. Uniform orders are placed through EPA. If you come to school without your uniform you parents will be called and asked to bring in your uniform or a school uniform will be provided on a loan, if available. Please refer to the uniform chart in the appendix and the bullets below for details on what you are allowed/ not allowed to wear to school.

  • EPA is committed to creating an atmosphere focused on academic achievement and personal development. To this end, the school subscribes to a uniform.
  • All scholars are expected to adhere to the uniform guidelines outlined in their orientation packet; please review the guidelines with your child during the first week of school.
  • At all times the clothing must be neat, clean and in good repair. Head coverings of any type (except those dictated by religious observance) may not be worn in school and may be confiscated by staff.
  • The uniform for the middle school consists of a maroon polo shirt (with EPA emblem), black pants, black shoes, and a black belt. Refer to charts to obtain specifications of uniform requirements.
  • The uniform for high school consists of a white long or short sleeved Oxford (with embroidered maroon EPA emblem), Black Pants for the boys and Plaid Skirt for the girls (#91) and Plaid Tire for both genders (#91).
  • The 1st-period teacher is the first line of defense to identify scholars who are not in uniform.
  • Scholars out of uniform will be sent to the dean’s office. They will not sit in class. 
  • Scholars will be required to wear the following for their gym class:
      – For the middle school, the gym uniform is Burgundy Sweat Pants and Burgundy Sweat Shirt/T-shirt with School Logo.
      – For the high school, the gym is Heather Grey Sweat Pants and Sweat Shirt/T-shirt with school logo as well as Heather Grey Mesh Shorts with School Logo.
  • No beads, hoop earring larger than 3 inches, bandannas, hats gloves, sunglasses, do-rag, or any other accessories a faculty member deem distracting from the educational environment, etc. allowed in school.

Scholars who do not wear uniforms:

  1. Automatically, report to the main office
    b. Contact parent/guardian to bring uniform
    c. Lend scholar a reserve uniform if parent/guardian is not available
    d. After three infractions, Parents / Guardian Conference to execute an Action Plan.
    e. If there are more than 3 scholars who have difficulty with adhering to the dress code, the issue will be brought to the attention of the Staff Grade Team.


  1. Occasionally, we will grant a dress-down day for scholars as a reward for adhering to the uniform policy and exhibiting PRIDE. However, should scholars not adhere to the uniform policy, no dress-down days will be granted.


Dear Parents,

As we prepare for the exciting upcoming school year, we have recently selected The Uniform Shop at Kid Place as our school uniform vendor. They will provide us with the top quality uniforms! The provider is to carry a variety of our items at their store. All students purchasing new uniform items for the 2018-2019 school year, can now do so through The Uniform Shop at Kids Place located in the Parkchester area at 1450 Metropolitan Avenue, Bronx, NY 10465 (opposite Macy’s) 718-430-6751.

School Uniform Information

All Students 6th-8th Grade

  • Long or Short Sleeve Burgundy Polo w/ school logo
  • Black Pants
  • Black Shirts (Girls)
  • Burgundy Cardigan Sweater w/ school logo (optional)

Gym Uniform

  • Burgundy T-shirt w/ school logo
  • Burgundy Sweatpants w/ school logo
  • Burgundy Sweat Shirt w/ school logo 
  • Burgundy Mesh Shorts w/ school logo

All Students 9th-12th Grade

  • Long or Short Sleeve White Oxford Shirt w/school logo
  • Black Pants
  • White Shirts #91 (Girls)
  • Plaid Tie (Boys)
  • White Cardigan w/ school logo (optional)

Gym Uniform

  • Grey T-shirt w/ school logo
  • Grey Sweatpants w/ school logo
  • Grey Shirt w/ school logo
  • Grey Mesh Shorts w/ school logo

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Monday- Saturday 10 A.M – 7 P.M and Sunday 11 A.M – 6 P.M
Phone Number: 718-430-6751

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